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A speaker jack is unfortunately stuck in the headphone port of my macbook pro, and I've been unable to remove it. Rather than invest in a new logic board (thanks Apple for not offering replacement headphone jacks) I'm going to buy a usb-audio interface and bid farewell to the macbook's internal speakers.


Getting a good signal from the interface for headphones and external speakers is my top priority. I do a little recording with a usb mic now. Though it would be nice to get a device that has a good signal for mics, it's not critical. 


All the Apple repair shops I went to recommended the Griffin imic. I've done some reading on Head-Fi and elsewhere and found mixed reviews. What do you think? Any recommendations for other devices under $75?


I was browsing Amazon and found some super cheap options, but they're likely a weaker signal. Example:  


My external speakers are a set of Logitech PC speakers. My headphones are Bose on-ear.