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Splitting speaker cable

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Hi, I have a bathroom celing speaker in my bathroom. I have one cable running through the house to a sonos amp. The speaker is a double tweeter and I should have run two cables to get stereo sound. I can't run another cable without pulling the walls apart..

Does anyone know if it's possible to split one black to two blacks or one red to two reds??

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Wait - wut? What is a "double tweeter" speaker? Most speakers have a single pair of speaker jacks and handle the wiring of multiple drivers internally.

If, as I suspect, this is actually two separate speakers in a common mounting, then, depending on the impedance of the speakers, you might be able to run the speakers in parallel or in series on the same Sonos amp channel. However, we would need to know the impedance of the speakers and the specs for the Sonos amp to know what can be done without over-driving your amp and possibly damaging either the speakers or the amp (or both).
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