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going from Bose AE2

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Hey guys, I currently have the Bose AE2 over ear headphones. I am looking for a new set of over ear headphones that are comfortable to wear for hours (my ae2's are hurt my ears after about 45 minutes), provide some sort of noise isolation (my ae2's do fine with this), and can be used to travel (although i do not travel that frequently). I would also like an attached mic but I can definitely do without that part.


Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks.

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What are you using to drive the headphones? Budget?
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I have a schiit modi for my computer but i will be taking these on the go. my budget is between $200-$300

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If you hurry, you might still be able to get a deal on the Sennheiser Momentums.
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i looked up reviews on those and several people said that they were uncomfortable wearing for long durations. Do you have experience with these?

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I found them relatively comfortable, but It depends on the size of your ears. The cups are not real large, and some people do not like have their ears not completely inside the cups. I have a rather average sized melon. However, I've never worn them for hours - just during brief listening tests. IMHO, all over-the-head headphones become somewhat uncomfortable after an hour or so.
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