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Launched just a few short months ago, the Atratus III RCA Interconnects have been quick to gather numerous awards.


The cable itself benefits from two layers of shielding, a foil and a high density braid, and ultra pure heavy duty OCC copper wire. The RCAs used are the highly recommended KLE Silver Harmony plugs which themselves have caused a bit of a storm in the RCA interconnect world with their exceptional performance.


They are available directly from our website and prices start at £89.99 for a 0.5m pair.




Hi-Fi World Magazine have awarded them their highest accolade, the full 5 Globe rating plus the 'Value' award.



Hi-Fi Pig have given them their highest award - the Outstanding Award

Click here to read their full write up


The Audiophile Man has given the interconnects the prestigious Groovy award

Click here to read their full write up


...And that just about sums up the main reviews these interconnects have received so far!