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For Sale:
Fleawatt TPA3116D2 Amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale in Australia (world-wide post available): near-new Fleawatt speaker amplifier. This is for speakers, NOT headphones.


Some time ago, I thought I'd embark upon a DIY jag and started reading up on TPA3116-based speaker amps on the various forums, especially I played around a bit, made a fairly rudimentary amp out of cheap bits and was floored at how good it sounded. I have next to no electronics knowledge and realized that if I wanted something truly special, I'd have to find an experienced hand. Audiokarma posts had made mention of several likely candidates and I narrowed it down to who answered my emails first.


About a month back, I ordered an amplifier from this well-regarded US builder:


It is a fantastic sounding little thing with tons of personality. Mine is a very basic looking model (detailed pics coming when my camera charges up; I've included pics of the amp taken before completion without the Fleawatt badge on the front) with a few case blemishes. It has now done the requisite 50 hour burn-in but not much more. I'm using it to power an elderly set of red Tannoy Reveal monitors, feeding it with Spotify through an old grubdac and it's all very impressive for the little bit of $$$ I have invested. Truly music to my ears. In comparing the Fleawatt to an SMSL SA-S3 and a slightly more powerful SMSL SA-50, I can say that the extra money spent on the Fleawatt is completely worth the investment. Full, lush with a detailed soundstage, this amp is very close to what I would call vintage tube hi-fi sound without the heat.


So why sell it? I have 7 small amps now and I'm going to reduce my holdings. I've also made a new friend who is an electronics guy and wants to teach me how to build amps of my own. I'm in Australia (Cairns, Queensland) and for the cost of postage, will post the amp worldwide however the price I've listed herein would include free postage within Australia. For other Aussies, I'll also throw in the laptop power supply that I bought for the Fleawatt. The Fleawatt can be run very easily of a 12 volt battery and with that as power supply, there is absolutely no residual noise at all. It's dead quiet.


I'm negotiable on price and details. Let's talk. Thanks.