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Over the ear IEM's that can take a beating, $100 max

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I am looking to replace my M6P's as they have lately been outputting sound from only one ear, as the cable has broken inside the tubing near the 90 degree 3.5mm jack.  I could probably get them replaced under warranty (I've only had them for 6 months) but I have other plans for them.  I enjoyed the sound signature of both the M6P and M9's (which I gave away after recieving the M6's) from Meelectronics and they are the only IEM's I have ever purchased.  As far as headphones, I have a pair of Superlux HD668b's which have a sound signature a bit bright for me, but are still enjoyable.  If you can see the trend here, all of my audio gear can be found in lists of what gives you the most for your money, and has a total cost of less than $90.  I am currently a university student and primarily use my IEM's for listing on the way to class (it's a huge campus, my longest walk between classes this semester is 2.3 miles one way) and for running.  I loved the over ear system of the M6 and I am not completely opposed to just picking  up another pair, but I would really like either:


1) An IEM that I can run over with tank (or at least that can survive in my jeans pocket)

2) Has an easily replaceable cable


I enjoy a more bass heavy sound signature, but not at the cost of the mids or highs.  I listen to all sorts of music, including but not limited to multiple types of rock, pop, rap, country, EDM, and the occasional Hans Zimmer piece while studying.  I feel silly saying this, but sound signature is not the most important criteria for me right now.  Durability and/or the ability to replace the cable without paying more than a new set of M6's is more important.


Am I better off just tearing through cheaper Meelectronic's IEM's or investing a bit and getting a better experience?

Also, feel free to link other threads if this question has been asked before, it is very difficult to find over the ear IEM threads due to the search terms.



TL;DR: Need over the ear IEM's that can take a beating.  I like the M6 from Meelec but I am looking for other options, as my pair broke. Bass is important, but not if the mids and highs suffer.  The cheaper the better, tuition isn't cheap.

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Shure SE215.
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Care to elaborate?

Do you own a pair?

Are they durable as well as having a removable cable? A replacement cable costs about $30....almost 2 pairs of M6's

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I do own the SE215. I suppose I was assuming that once you had been given the idea, you would then be able to do some research. They have removable cables with a standard MMCX connector. I also own the Mee M6. The Shure has a much better quality cable than the M6. It is more "rubbery" and less prone to tangle or kinking. I can't think of any other IEMs under $100 with a better quality cable. In addition, since it is a standard MMCX connector, you can use any replacement cables with that connector, including these:

But, lets back-up a little bit. You asked for an IEM with removable cables for under $100 to replace a headphone that can be bought for $15. Are you really looking for a $100 IEM, or for a $15 IEM? If you *really* only want to spend $15, then just keep buying the Mee M6 every time they break, because you are NOT going to find replacement cables for less than $15 - not for ANY IEMs.

Finally, I have to ask - do you put the M6 back in their case each time you use them, or do you just stuff them into your pocket or a computer bag/backpack? I have personally broken a few IEMs (including some worth over $200) by not using the case and letting them bang around in a bag full of cables and other electronic doodads. I don't do that anymore!
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I get your point about the cost of cables, and yes I am willing to pay more for a better overall experience.  The M6 is far from a perfect IEM.  As for how I treat my IEMs they live in my pocket, often with my phone.  I disconnect them, but wrap them around themselves and put them in my pocket.  The case that comes with Meelec IEMs simply is too big to fit without changing my routine completely.  At school, I have a my phone and wallet occupying my front pockets and my keys in my back pocket.  The case fits fine in a front pocket by itself, but cannot fit while sharing with either the phone or wallet.  Putting the case in my back pocket is not an option.  Putting them in my backpack works most of the time, but not before/during/after a run or workout, and really when they get the most stress put of them is probably while they are in use due to the 90 degree connector.  Are there any options with a straight 3.5mm jack?


Thanks for you response, I did do some research on the se215's and they are definitely interesting. The issue is people don't really mention durability of an item in a review unless it is horrible, so the only way I can get answers is to ask people like you who own a pair directly.

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Hey, I've had the Shures for a couple years now and haven't had a problem. The cable is really nice and chunky and still going strong. But yes you can buy cheap cables for it. But since you like the over ear fit of the M6(which I also have) then the SE215 is a natural progression towards better sound comfort and durability.
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If you are putting them in your pocket, then no matter what IEMs you get, I think you have a good chance of breaking the stem from the housing. If you do that, then you aren't out $30 for cables, you are out $100 for a new pair of 'phones.
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