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I haven't had my HD650s for long, and I'm enjoying the sound so far. The tame treble is letting me listen to music until the headband gets tiresome, rather than until my ears start getting tired. However, I'm curious if there's a phone with similar sound characteristics that also had a bigger sound stage. Maybe it doesn't exist, but that's why I'm asking smily_headphones1.gif

My priorities in a headphone are, in order: comfort, full bass, tame treble, large soundstage.

I remember my HE-400s fondly, except I was unable to find them comfortable (priority 1) and the treble sometimes got to me, so I let them go a while ago.


Edit: I should add that my research so far indicates the LCD-2 rev.2 is a close-ish match in terms of sound signature. However, I've never worn a pair and they seem a bit heavy, so I wonder about their comfort level.
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