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I just purchased a FIIO X1 yesterday and I loaded a bunch of flac files onto it and set volume to 33 percent. Not sure if this is correct but I'm getting 2 issues. Vocals sound fine except when the singer hits a high note or a drawn out high note (with words that have a Sss sound) I get something that sounds like static. It's does more of this static thing when there are heavy drums or things with electronics going into the lower freq. The thing is it comes and goes and not constant but the effect is like turning the volume up really high where certain things distorts. I'm thinking maybe it's bad pairing with my headphones so I tried 3 different pairs of IEM and all of them show the same thing. Used a re-cabled westone 4, Shure Se215, & Bose QC 20 (least amount of static like sound). Playing the same song on my note 4 I do not hear it at all. So is the FIIO X1 finding fault in my Flac files and i never noticed it or is Is my unit defective