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Need help expanding my set up

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Right now I'm rocking a Schiit Mani, Proj-ect Debut Espirit, and a pair of Denon AHD2000s. I'm looking into expanding my collection of audio goodies, perhaps a Schiit DAC (or something comparable under 150). I also wanted to pick up a pair of monitors and a sub. Possibly some Emotiva airmotiv 6s or Audioengine a5+s but I'm not sure how and what sub to pair them with (the emotivas don't have an output for a sub). Do you guys have any recommendations for me as far as DACs, Monitors, or subs go?


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If you are serious about speakers and a sub, then I would suggest getting a proper receiver, passive speakers and a powered sub rather than trying to use powered speakers. It will be much more flexible for accepting digital or analog inputs and will provide a proper crossover and sub line-out for the speakers. It also gives you a much wider choice of high-quality bookshelf speakers.
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Any recommendations and where to start for a small but excellent receiver and bookshelf speakers?

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Well, for very little money, you could do these:

With this:

And this:
or maybe this:

I'm not sure if those receivers have phono inputs, but I'm assuming you already have that.

That's a decent, very low-cost system that can grow however you wish - no matter if the input is HDMI, SPDIF or analog. It goes up from there, and any component can be upgraded independently of the others. If you want to spend more, then swap out the dayton audio speakers for some Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE: http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/cbm170/cbm170.html
or maybe the SV Sound Prime: http://www.svsound.com/speakers/view-all-speakers/prime-bookshelf or any of a million other choices! smily_headphones1.gif
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If I really want a 2.1 setup (since its just for my room) should I get a receiver and all that. Is there a 2.1 alternative. I was looking at the audioengine a5+s but I've heard some complaints.

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