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Okay so a few months back my house burned down. Luckily it wasn't totally ruined but sadly ruined enough to get it rebuilt. After the fire I grabbed some valuable things that possibly could still work. My friends came along and I told them they can take anything they want and to just make sure with me after they grabbed anything they liked. One friend grabbed a subwoofer, it was an Onkyo subwoofer that was bundled in with an Onkyo 5.1 system. The receiver was ruined and my friend only has a TV and a PS3, so he can't even use it.


Wanted to get him a gift for Christmas but didn't want to spend too much because I'm still saving up to build my computer and get some Swans :)

I thought I could increase the value of the gift by getting him something to use the sub he has but can't use. I also like buying stereo equipment for people as it doesn't depreciate and is something we use almost daily. At first I looked at getting him a 2.1 receiver and some bookshelves, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend. I was looking to spend 200 or less. Then I started looking at soundbars with a sub out. A lot of them had subs bundled with them and that would be a waste of money. So I found the Polk Audio N1 on amazon for $139 originally $300. Saw it was designed for gaming, had Bluetooth connectivity, and a sub out. He likes music so he can Bluetooth his phone. I always look at reviews before buying and saw it had an average of 4 stars. So I bought it, there was really nothing else as specific to what I was looking for and it was like 50 % off. Some reviews say it sounds great for games but when vocals come in the voices sound tinny. Now I know this isn't audiophile equipment here but just wanted some opinions from head-fi on this.


Do you guys think I did a good job on the gift?

Do you guys think the sub will improve sound quality?

Are their any other options I could have gone with for my friend to be able to use his sub with 2 speakers and connect via optical or RCA? (Under $200)

Have any of you heard this sound bar, if so comment on it.