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Audeze lcd 2 help

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I plan on pulling the trigger on these cans.

But it's a lot of money, so i want to do it right.
I'm thinking of the objective2 amp custom (want an added bass knob)
Swapping the cable, though i don't know what kind.

I need to know how well of a difference these will make over my ath esw9a's. Like, life changing? Because i don't want to be disappointed.
How well will these work with rock? With electronica/dubstep?

For the record, these were simply recommended but the review praise them well.
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what did u find lacking in the sound of the esw9? ( a closed can..u should know :P)

Lcd2 is an open can...will leak sound, and will let in sound from the surrounding..

like u OK with this type of headfone??


what is the setup u are using currently...


what kind of music do u listen to?  think u listed those :)

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The esw9's sometimes lack in the mids. Really it depends on the song. Something like BvB's In The End, the vocals feel a little drowned. On the other hand, bob dylan's like a rolling stone seems to be fine.

These will be for home use so yeah it won't bother me.
I'm gonna running from my iPod and my laptop with the amp and DAC if one's suggested
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i owned the esw9 b4, it sounded more energetic n livelier when powered with an amp.

If u plan on keeping this portable can, borrow a portable amp from a friend and give it a listen,

then decide if u still need another can.

Vocals on this can is alluring, i would buy it again if i find one in prestine condition.




LCD is almost half a kilo in weight....the esw9 is minus 300grams from that. 

if u listen for long hours n it injures your neck, it might be life changing. LOL


Jokes aside, the LCD2 is one very enjoyable can, u can read all about its characteristics in the dedicated thread in this forum.

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Another thing is, the esw9's sound narrow.
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hmm...upfront if u amp it with enough power.. othewise it can be recessed/dull powered from say a fone. ESW9 has a lovely mellowed sound. 

On-ear drivers are generally flat, not more left n right, depth projection is not superb;

but it gets better when amped.

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