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CHOOSING A SUBWOOFER to pair with Audioengine A5+'s

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I'm looking for a subwoofer to pair with my Audioengine A5+'s - the speakers sound absolutely fantastic,  but they're clearly missing very low frequencies that could be filled in with a competent subwoofer.

Money isn't the issue - I'm willing to drop the $350 for the Audioengine S8 sub - but that's only if it's the best choice.


The Central Question:

What is the best powered subwoofer to pair with Audioengine A5's that costs under $300 ($350 if I decide to stretch) and can connect/crossover/control volume with the A5+'s well?


Is the 8 inch sub enough?

Do I need 10 or 12 to really get a complete sound?


Environment: Looking to fill a regular-sized bedroom with complete bass that doesn't feel lacking in any way. It does not need to shake pictures off the wall, but it does need to provide room-filling bass at moderate volumes.


It will be used almost exclusively for music (no movies/games). Music will be primarily rock, but I want to experience the full bass "thump" of R&B when it comes along. When Kid Ink's "Show Me" comes along, the bass must be clean but full.


I don't need a home theater sub!


Priorities: Bass Quality > Completeness/Depth > Output (not my biggest concern)


I'll usually be playing it at 20-40% max volume, so absolute max bass output isn't the issue - the fullness and cleanliness of the bass at lower volumes is the question.


Choices I'm looking at:


Mostly taken from Amazon's top subs list: http://www.amazon.com/Subwoofers-Speakers-Audio-Video/b?ie=UTF8&node=172568


- Audioengine S8 (8 inches, 250W Peak) $260 for a short time, $350 usual price


- BiC America F12 (12 inches, 475W Peak), $190


- Klipsch SW-350 (8 inches, 350W Peak), $190


- Klipsch SW-450 (10 inches, 450W Peak), $230


- Klipsch Sub-12HG (12 inches, 650W Peak), $300


- ...and any other subs your have to recommend! 


Head-Fi, let's hear your thoughts.


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