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Alright, just a short one before I go do stuff...

'tis the season (or week rather) to grab larger and faster TF/SD/MicroSD cards for your DAPs cos' of all that deals! Or wait, just go get a new DAP! laugh.gif

But please make sure the following:
1. The cards can and will work on your DAP cos not all DAPs support 128GB for instance (very important, no point buying big cards if your DAP is too old to support that. Unlikely I know, but check first!)

In other words, check and make sure that whatever you buy will fit your usage style!

2. The shop you are buying from is reputable (i.e. those that can help you with RMA... or at least not ship/sell you wrong card lol)

3. There's a way to RMA it (or least, cheap enough such that you won't feel that burnt if you cannot RMA it)

4. The deal you are getting is really a deal (i.e. see if cheaper than during normal times, go check out current prices for starters. This point is more for those who can afford to wait. If you can't, by all means, buy it if you think the price is good. And no, pun unintended.).

5. Account for shipping times too if buying online (i.e. is saving that amount of money worth the 10 day wait?)

Other than these points, happy shopping! smile.gif 

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