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New external soundcard.

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I want to ask for external soundcard. External one, because my PCIe slot is covered by graphic card cooling, and if i would mount sound card into PCI slot, it would be 5mm-1cm next to the graphic card cooling, so it could hardly higher temperatuers. My current headphones are SuperLux 668B, and speakers are crappy Logitech z323. I would use it mostly for gaming, music is still important, but not as much (About 65 and 35%). It isn't needed, but it would be nice if that soundcard would be OS X compatibile. 

Atm. i'm thinking which one is better: Maya U5 or Xonar U3. I don't want much more expensive ones than Maya U5.

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It looks like the Maya U5 uses the VIA chip-set, which is normally found on motherboards.

So I would guess if your into FPS gaming, maybe get a Creative Labs (SBX Headphone) or even an Asus (Dolby Headphone) USB sound card.

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So is the VIA chipset this time also so bad? If yes, which card should i get? Xonar U3, or Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro? I heard that second one isn't good for headphones, and first one has bad quality at all.

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