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Help choosing IEM - Price range $70 - $120

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Hi everyone,


I'm on the hunt for a new pair of IEMS, and was looking for some advice on what would be suitable for someone of my tastes, and budget. My pair of Etymotic ER6i IEMS finally died (They will be missed). I really enjoyed the fairly flat response, and clarity of the mids, of these earphones, despite the lack of base, so I'm hoping to find something similar for a cheaper price. I understand these days that some of the cheaper IEMS can compete (on some levels) with the more expensive IEMS in the market. This is what I'm looking for. I currently have a pair of xiaomi pistons (v2), and for the price, I have to say I'm impressed.


However, I really have to jam them into my ears to get a good seal, and for me, the bass seems to drown the mids too much. I've been reading various posts on the carbo tenore, carbo basso, and ostry KC06A. Seems for under $100 mark, the tenores deliver great sound, especially the mids (if I've remembered correctly). I'm all for clarity, so crystal clear mids are my preference, over detailed bass. Would the tenores be my best choice? If, by chance, I can buy something that's noticeably better, for and extra $40 (above the tenores), I'd def consider that.



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I've ordered tenores and they should arrive within a few days. Currently I do have Sony XB90EX, Sennheiser CX300 II and Klipsch Reference S4. I may be able to provide some comparison / impressions. But I'll say these three pairs I have sound REALLY good for money, and comes in different flavors. Sony for thumping bass (16mm drivers!!!), Sennheisers for very balanced sound and Klipsch for superior details and isolation.

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It is difficult to find IEM with Flat with around 100 bucks and not-notorious fit.


I do not know much about earphones you listed but I am a guy who looks up frequency response graph.


And things pop in my mind with inexpensive flat IEMs are.

Hifiman/Head-direct RE-0 and Phonank PFE-112 but they are both discontinued.

I think it back, PFE-112's mid is not the best. So look for RE-0 is best option IMO, but again, it will be not easy.


LG quadbeats also have flat response(surprising enough for price), but it is difficult to buy them other than korea.

Though you can surely have it if you just go for eBay.

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The Final Audio Heaven II is not neutral (more on the musical side but not by too much) and is BA driven and very smooth - good for detail and space - the bass keeps to itself although greater than the usual single BA model. It sounds like there's 2 or 3 in there.

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Hi guys,


Thanks alot for your advice. I've done some more reading, and I've narrowed it down to the tenores, or the hifiman re-400 ($80 from head direct). I'm definitely leaning towards the re-400's, as I think they will suit my preferences.



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You should look into the VSONIC GR07 bass edition, they are a great IEM that I've had for almost 2 years already.
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RE-400 has a bit more recessed mid compared to RE-0.

Though it is just slightly recessed, and not bad at all by any mean.

If you are looking for hardcore clear mid-range earphone, then old RE-0 should be better call than RE-400.


Check here http://en.goldenears.net/19626


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Hifiman re-400 or Vsonic vc1000

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