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Philips AZ9225 - sonics & anti-skip query

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Has anyone heard any of the current Philips portable cd players? I am considering the AZ9225, as it has the Sony-type spot-on resume, comes with nimh batteries which can be charged in the unit, and is available for $60. (It also has a line out, i think, but i don't need that.)

Apparently all of the current Philips models have the same electronics, so if anyone has heard any of them, I'd be grateful for your opinion, about both sonics and anti-skip (I use a pcdp primarily while running.)

My reference units are Panasonic 470 and 780 (the latter has developed a screeching in the ear problem). I like the Panasonic sound, at least better than the only Sony i've tried, the DEJ925.
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For specs on the AZ9225 go to the Philips website http://www.audio.philips.com/ where you will find that the player only has a 3mW headphone output, but it does have an optical ouput, and it possibly doubles as an analog output too. I have a Philips from a couple years ago (no line out of any kind) and the sound is ok, but nothing spectacular, I don't listen to it very much anymore.

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thanks, meithkiller, that's helpful. Curiously, the 3 mw is mention only on the "world version" leaflet, not the "north american" one"; in any case, that is quite discouraging.

the alternative for me is the panasonic 570, but i would really like to have the spot-on resume of the philips. I recall that you have the 570--in your opinion, is the 570 noticeably superior (sonically) to your Philips cdp?

thanks a lot for your help.
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Amplifier/sound system:

Output power (in-ear headphone) 2 x 3mW RMS
1-Bit D/A convertor for pure sound reproduction
Digital dynamic bass boost
Rotary volume control
S/N ratio (A weighted): >100 dB
Frequency response : 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Acoustic feedback

The exact link for the PCDP is


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