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I bought the Logitech z-5300 5.1 surround set ten years ago. It has served me well until recently, when two of the RCA ports for the satellite speakers went out.

Frankly, I suck with soldering, and support for this has already expired years ago. Moreover, I now live in an apartment where the walls are thin, so I've been using headphones for my listening needs. I've verified that the satellites are still in perfect working order, so it seems a waste to throw everything out. If it helps any, the speakers are rated at 35W each.

Would something like a 3.5mm Stereo Male To 2X RCA Female Adapter help in salvaging the satellite speakers at least? Or should I opt for a USB DAC instead? I figured I could get a couple of those adapters and help set up speakers for my mother, who is beginning to be a bit hard of hearing but doesn't like headphones.