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For a start, want to excuse me for my bad english - it was not as close as good, as it must be, seemed i use it less or more for 10+ years ( generally to read manuals and howto).


I we born in soviet union, and my young days passed also in USSR.

As so, when i was about 20 y.o. i bought an audio setup, who is with me long years, and who i consider as good - it was Radiotehnika S-150 acoustics ( - like this),

also Radiotehnika U 7112 amplifier ( ), and as sound source there was a Gravis Ultrasound PnP PC sound card, once i purchase it  -also be very happy in that times.

Want to know - what is real quality in that setup versus nowaday not top-hifi apparature?

Do nowadays price range up to 300 eur for acoustics, ~ 200 for amplifier, i do get about more or less the same sq, or nowadays for that price is xxx times better than that old crap? :)