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Bose QC25s vs these ..

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I have been reading so many reviews from so many sources that my head is spinning. I understand music tastes are highly personal and much depends on what I like, and this is kind of the problem because I like a lot of different types of music and I am an old fart so don't care much for urban, punk rock, electronic type stuff. I have a lot of country and am starting to buy a lot of jazz, I also like a lot of pop as well as oldies. I am starting to get into jazz and used to like classical. Most of my music was purchased through the Zune/Xbox subscription service at a 320 kbps rate.


The enjoyment of jazz and classical in my view really depend on having quality gear. I feel like my Bose are pretty punchy and lively for jazz but strings are not as good as I would like for classical. I think I would enjoy classical more with the right headphones and quality recordings (I am starting to by flac files through HDtracks).


What I would like that I don't have with the Bose is a more upfront soundstage. I don't want headphones that are difficult to drive as I use my Sansa Clip and my Yoga Pro 2 laptop. I was thinking of getting the FiiO E17 dac/amp as it is not very expensive and probably can improve some music (I am not out a lot if it doesn't). The more I am reading the more I understand the advice of another poster - I should wait until I buy my headphones first before choosing any DAC.


I do understand the open ended headphones have a better soundstage but require a quiet space, but they could lack the bass and punch of closed end cans. I am thinking I may end up getting two sets of headphones, one open and one close ended. What I am hoping for is both would give an improved sound stage over the Bose in in general just sound better (I am not unhappy with them though). I would like something where strings sound a little sweeter.


I am leaning toward the PSB M4U 1 headphones if they have an improved sound and soundstage over the Bose, in other words I hope to notice a difference without losing the punchiness I feel the Bose can give. The Sennhieser Momentums are also on my radar. When I win the lottery I would like to add an open ended set of headphones and I am leaning toward the Berry DT990s, but only if they give me an even better soundstage without sacrificing bass punch. I hear they can disappoint base heads but I really do not know what that means as I like bass but hate headphones like the Beats.


It is really difficult to compare just using mental images so I would love to hear opinions of the headphones I mentioned compared to the Bose for those of you that have experience with them. I am not planning on getting rid of the Bose as the noise canceling is useful as well as the portability. And as I said I am most likely going to get a DAC/amp with the understanding it may have a minimal impact. But little improvements can go a lot way with me as much as I listen to music and that is what I am after. Even though a better sound stage is a high priority I may go for another closed set first so I can listen at home while my wife watches TV. If there will not be much of an improvement over my Bose with something like the PSB then my first choice may be the open ended DT990s which I would use when I can just listen to music at home alone. Again, with the information given I would really appreciate your opinions from those of you that have experience with the Bose.





PS: Moderator, even though I am very new I am thinking this post needs to be in the equipment category so feel free to move this. If this is not practical I may copy and paste to the correct forum.

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This is why having the opportunity to attend a head-fi meet is such a HUGE advantage. At a meet - even a small meet-up - you have the opportunity to listen to far more HW than most people are willing to buy.

In the end, without the opportunity to listen before buying, then you are left with reading the reviews, taking a chance and making a purchase. The good news is that whatever you buy, there's probably someone here on head-fi that would be willing to buy it from you. The head-fi buy/sell forum is very active, and headphones are fairly cheap to ship.
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I'm pretty new at this game, too, but I have a pair of QC15's which I suppose are close enough to the QC25's for discussion purposes.


The only real point of comparison I have are my Philips L1's which meet your requirement for a more upfront soundstage, and they will pair nicely with the E17 (I use an E10K and E11K). They present details excellently, with decent bass for a semi-open system (and the E17 could always boost that if you want more). I find they're much better at accoustic music than heavier/rock music (I listen to both in almost equal amounts) The sound is much more intimate than my QC15's.


I would suggest that the L2 or X2 (the current models - I got my L1's very cheap on a end-of-model runout) might me a place to start.

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I really appreciate the responses and will do some searching for a meet up. I had not even considered this forum could be a good place to buy and sell, I need to sell my QC15s since I just bought the 25s to replace them. I will have to check out the phones you mentioned, again thanks.



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