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For Sale: Interest Check - Mint Yulong A18

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For Sale:
Interest Check - Mint Yulong A18

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is an interest check and opportunity to speak up first for an absolutely mint Yulong A18. If you are reading this ad you already have researched this amp and know that it is an excellent amplifier. I may have put 20 or 30 hours of use on it, but I think it is closer to 15 hours frankly. I rarely get to use my headphone rig and when I do if I listen for half an hour a session it is rare. I think this is the best headphone amp I have ever used or heard before, and certainly the review by Project 86 sums it up quite well.


The only reason I am selling is that I have a very nice NAD M3 integrated amplifier and after reading about running your headphones directly from the speaker posts I decided to give it a go. To that effect I am awaiting my new cable to be made which due to the length and features I required was quite expensive, so I can't keep both. Well I could, but my wife would murder me. So, once my cable is here I will be able to sell the A18, but not before.


The price will include PayPal fees, but not shipping, that will be on your dime. I have the original box and the manual (which is useless, but there). I am the second owner. The original owner had it for a very short time and low use as he went into very high end tubes for his HD800 and needed the funds for his new stupidly expensive amp. Between both of us the hours I'll bet are under 100 so in this amp is mint. I haven't taken pictures, but I would for interested parties, but you can Google image it, or see images here. They all look the same, and if there was any cosmetic issues I would disclose them. Anyway, hopefully there are a few interested people out there. Cheers. 

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Just bumping this up selfishly. Amazing amp at less than half of the original retail. Do some research and you will see it is quite the little amp with a decent amount of power 1.8watts at 30ohms.

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Bump again, I know the right people are out there, just a matter of time and I dropped the price to $450 so that might help.

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