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Need help buying headphone listen to my story..

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The thing is this forum is so deep that i couldn't found what i was looking for


Last year i bought a surround speaker and a new sound card and the sound became awesome so i went and bought most expensive and cool looking headphone available in turkey Beats studio wireless (matte black) and i am not a audiophile but i can easily notice different in audio quality muddy bass or trebles disruption anyway you get the idea now i hate beats itself just because of its poor build quality i have sent that piece to warranty 4 times first headphones' joint than control-talk cable than 2 times ear cushions broke (but they are comfortable i liked that) and i want a better alternative i searched the forum but i couldn't decide there is so much different thing and too many headphone...


i want a cool looking loud comfortable and noise cancelling(passive or active doesn't matter as long as i don't hear environment) headphone mic doesn't matter i liked the bluetooth wireless feature but it is not essential but must be closed the price is i can afford up to 500$ but i live in turkey so there is a great chance that it is much more expensive in here if it exists...

By the way i am going to wear them in public so looks matter v-moda denon hifiman kind of headphones don't look good to me because of looks i am thinking to buy sms beats or soul kind of stuff even if i know sound bad

i hope you help me Thanks


Will either Sony XB950BT MDR-1RNC MDR-1R MDR-1RBT AKG k518 or pioneer SE-MX7 or beats pros (i have never listened any of them)are better and do i need a portable amp at all i use smartphone desktop also laptop as source ?

i want little louder bass but i will use them while in movies etc so i want others to be clear

I want it to be wireless i think my budges is enough can you recommend a good alternative?


Sorry for my English it is not my native language

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Here's a few -


SoundMAGIC HP150

Pioneer SE-MX7-K
Musical Fidelity MF100
I would go for the HP150 - look at the reviews on this forum -


Oops there's only one review, but it's a good one!

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SoundMAGIC HP150 is not available in turkey and also it seems too big to me by the way i read it needs amp to reach its best and is not bass heavy.

about that pioneer i fount that in turkey and i also liked the design i am going to look at it in that shop

Musical Fidelity MF100 liked its style but not available in turkey too it is a damned country :angry_face:


by the way these are far cheaper than my price range i already have like 400 for headphone so you can be more generous about the choice

i actually want a somewhat bass heavy and very loud headphone i am mostly use them with my smartphone  i only use them in PC while i want to listen loudly and don't want to disturb roommate

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Oops, sent PM instead

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thanks for reply

i just want opinion from a sony owner too because in turkey sony is easy to buy and i liked the brand they make good stuff but i didn't listened to these and i have no idea how they sound against the pioneer ...

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