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For Sale:
Grado SR325is (mint condition, bought September 2014)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought this just two (2) months ago. This is WhatHi-Fi's Best On-Ears Headphone for 2011 at the GBP150+ price category. Here's that excellent 5-star review for easy reference:


Really sad to part with this. But I'm itching for the higher-end Grado models; so I need the funds. I consider this to be the best-sounding Grado in terms of transparency=truly revealing what's coming from the recording and source equipment. So if you're that type, this is for you.


As my RS1i (sold), just can't take not to use this to the fullest and just lie around my rig once I get the higher-end models, and, as I said, I would use the funds for the upgrade. Someone who also appreciates Grado's resolution should use this and enjoy it as much as possible. This is the most resolving Grado. Makes sense this has been best product headphone at WhatHi-Fi in 2011 at its price category.


This is good as new. No box though. Just like my RS1i, which I bought 2 weeks before this SR325is, box is no longer available as it has been thrown away inadvertently.


PM me if interested. Price includes international shipping.

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