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Hello Guys,

  My current gear is Asus Xonar Phebeous and DT990 pro 250ohm,
soon i will be buying ( buying not replacing ) Yamaha YHT- 298 Home theater bundle;

i'm pretty sure that  i will connect the spdif out of my xonar to the spdif in of my yamaha A/V receiver for surround sound ( movies and games ).
What i am not sure of is my headphone setup for stereo sources
i am thinking about these 3 choices: 

1- running the headphone on my xonar headphone out ( the same as now )
2- running my headphone using the headphone out of my A/V receiver after connecting my sound card to the receiver using spdif ( the DAC of the receiver is burr-down but i am not sure if it can drive a 250ohm headphone well)
3- connecting my soundcard  to the A/V receiver with spdif ( to use it as the DAC ) then connecting the receiver to Fiio amp and then connecting my headphone.

P.S: I am not satisfied with my current headphone sound quality.

Thank you in advance