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Sony D-E900 Player and Dual DACS?

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After being the biggest bitch EVER to bluetin, I finally have the Japan-imported Sony D-e900 in my hands.

I am pretty much very happy with the sound and the build of the player. It's like my ears are working in conjunction now And it seems the play button is wired to the parts of my brain that contains the words "crystal", "solid" and "whoa".

But, I must point out that the box and the CD player lid states that it has "1 bit DAC". I cannot confirm if this player really have dual DACs. Here's what I know about my pcdp:
1) My manual says that it is printed in 1998. I can't find a manufacturing date on my pdcp.
2) The box says it's a J/JEW model so it's marketed for Japan and the world.
3) The box looks...old. The bottom edges of the cardboard are faded. If I could carbon date the paint, I would say it's about 3 years old. J/k
4) It sounds great. (...running out of scientific observations here...)
5) External factors that should be considered: The D-777 is listed as having a 1bit DAC but many have argued that it has dual DACs. The Australian version I think has been observed to have "1 bit DAC' as well. Again that could be the same sort of (mis)labelling, that is on mine.

So the question is...does anyone know if later production models of the D-e900 would NOT have dual DACs?

Note: I just want to know for bragging rights but I guess I should be satisified huh? Anyway, minhwa of bluetin having already faced the "is it here already" wrath of pianoblack informed me beforehand that he checked the box and the manual and it states "1 bit DAC." He was willing to not go through with the purchase. So if it does turn out that you are interested in ordering that from him AND you only want it for the dual DAC feature BUT it doesn't have that, then everything's AOK.
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panisonic 900 is also a good one.but i could not find it .i just find the 700,it sounds well.
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If no-one finds out conclusively, i'll open up my D777 and have a look at the PCB, and have a game of count the dacs

...presuming that they are on seperate chips of course...
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good lord!

Duncan, that's a great offer, but just the idea of opening up the CDP is mind-numbing... (DIY? wassat? )

But looking at all those tiny screws, maybe it won't be so bad... And that is a fantabulous idea I'll spend a few more days preparing its last rites (and gathering courage) to get a looksee.

heehee I lurve the speckles...It's like looking at a Seurat pointillist painting of THE CD player. After I mangle the insides, I can always hang the lid on my wall. Or retrofit it onto my Panasonic.
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Okay the supplied rechargeable batteries just ran out on me. I'm thinking now that this could be THE sign that my model is OLD.

Then again, when I charged it, it only seem to charge for less than an hour before the charging light blinked off. So it could be a faulty charger timer or ...

it really is old.
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I've already had my D777 open to give it a little clean out, and I know that there are these little sucky feet, that if you're not too careful come off of the base of the playert...

with this in mind, i am more than happy to commit virtual suicide on my player, rather than you risking your own newer player...

I'm sure that the two players are rather alike in there circuitry, so i'm pretty sure whats right for one will be right for the other...

let me know what you want to do, and i'll oblige the best that i can
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I recieved my D900 yesterday as well....and I have to say this right now...that this is most beautifully crafted discman ever. This is the best looking discman period!!.
I also have the D777...so I should be able to answer you guys, which one is better. Anyway, I'll save that for later.
As of the 1 bit or dual one bit system, I am truely confused as well. I used to call Sony center and asked them a spec of the 905. They said, it has optical out, backlit remote, and one bit dac. I think those idiots don't have a clue at all.

We have to ask "Soronian" whether the D-E905 has one or dual 1 bit system.
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Regarding the E900/905 DAC I don't have much information to offer.

We know it uses a 1-bit DAC

We know Sony calls it "1-bit Quartz Time-Axis Control"

And there is a statement from a Stereophile reader at:


That says "...dual-bitstream Sony D-E905."

But we still don't know for sure. I have a service manual on order and that may offer the information we need.
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i have sony d-465,use sm5884 dac,it 's 1bit dac
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Um, are we talking d900 or e900?
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Sony D-E905 or D-E900. It's a discman player.
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I ordered one but still haven't seen it. Maybe it will come this week.
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Okay the supplied rechargeable batteries just ran out on me. I'm thinking now that this could be THE sign that my model is OLD.
Pianoblack: I have this problem with my D777. It will not charge the batteries for more than a little bit. The batteries themselves are fine. I think it is just a faulty charger. I just throw mine into my pana 780, and charge them in there -- they take the same batteries, and they actually have the same ac out too, so it makes it rather convenient.

Duncan: I am rather curious too as to whether the d777 has dual DAC's. I had not heard that it did, but if you are planning on cracking it open, let me know what happens.

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Main Chips within the D777...

I don't know what they are exactly, hopefully this'll help you though...

BU9312AKS707195 (Unbranded)
TC7089404FN (Unbranded)
BA6376K706122 (Unbranded)
CXP83416-018Q711A46E (Sony)
SM5857AF89Z2 (NPC)
LA48056FB2 (Unbranded)
MPC1719LFUJDU9649B (Motorola)
A80277173 (Sony)

There are too many other little parts inside this beast to note here, they are purely just the biggest chips...

No doubled up chips... so, i'm gonna guess that this is... single DAC

So... now you know
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I think the E905 dual 1 bit DACs. I remember reading a posting about the D-777 versus the D-e905. Someone asked if dual DACS in the D-e905 sounded better than the single DAC of the D-777. I remember finding some specs on the web a year ago for the D-e905 and it said it had dual DACs.

I don't remember how the 900 relates to the 905.
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