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Sony MDR-1A vs. MDR-10R

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I need a recommendation for light listening every night when I take a walk, and sometimes when I'm at the gym working out. I own neither but I'm pretty deadlocked between these.


I just want to know if $320 for the new 1A's are worth the upgrade from the 10R's for $140(the white ones!). A factor that I have to consider is that at home, I have the T90's with the Aune T1 Mk2's. So these headphones are literally for working out(if at all) and going out for a walk/run, or walking from class to class. Also a little more about me, I find the T90's to be the most superior headphones out there for the price. I prefer "bright" headphones without the sibilance and white noise at the top. I know the bottlehead will probably be the zenith for the combo but I have yet to buy one. As long as I'm home I'll be exclusively using my speakers and/or the T90.


For this context though, I'll probably listen to podcasts and edm through my ipod shuffle. That's it. Definitely doesn't represent my main music genre or gear, but this will be the only time I use these headphones. So basically, if the difference between the 1A vs. 10R drivien through an ipod playing Mp3's when I'm mobile is minimal, my gut will definitely go towards the cheaper ones.


Help with an explanation will be greatly appreciated, and I'll update the thread on how I like the new cans!

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Since these are for casual listening, then it makes sense to go with a cheaper option. However I wouldn't recommend the 10r it's just so oddly tuned and muddy that at $140 it is considerably overpriced IMO. Haven't heard the 1A but that seems high too. I suggest getting the MDR-1R the previous version. Can find it for considerably less and is also a substantial improvement over the 10R
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