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For Sale: Home Headroom Amp (1999) - spoilt

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For Sale:
Home Headroom Amp (1999) - spoilt

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Same model as the one listed in this thread:

Long story short, the device failed when I absentmindedly (sort of, but that the long story...) plugged it into a 230V outlet (it's a 110V only device).


Originally wanted to fix it via DIY, but I have lost the interest in doing so.

If you're into DIY and think you can fix it, then this is for you!


Will let go for any reasonable offers. I don't quite have any real valuation in mind. These cost about $600 back in 1999 when it was their TOTL amp, if that is any yardstick for you to come up with an offer.


Shipping is from Singapore. Please factor in international shipping (~$20 to the USA).

Payment through PayPal only. Cheers!

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Some hopefully useful information here:

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