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Looking for affordable closed circumaural phones, for non-electronic music

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I've been reading the forum for some time but only signed up recently so I can post. In the past week, I ordered the Moxpad X3 and the TTPOD T1E IEMs plus a cheap SMSL DAC, so I'm at the top of a slippery slope... Anyway, I'd like to get some advice about replacing my old Sony cans (the cushions are peeling, and there's some distortion due to having been dropped a few times too many).


About me

I'm 41; no hearing problems (good for my age category).

I mostly listen to pop/rock/jazz/classical, no electronic music. (To give you some idea: Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Pink Martini, Patricia Barber, Kari Bremnes, Emma Wallace, Sting, choir works, symphonic and chamber music; no opera). I listen to the music and not the equipment, unless it has flaws that are just blaring, like earbuds supplied with cheap phones.

I'll be listening on:

- mobile while on the train (no walking etc., the train is relatively quiet). No big expectations on the train, of course.

- at home, in complete silence, connected to a computer, high quality lossy-compressed or lossless.


Current equipment/preferences

I've only owned the following equipment worth mentioning:

- Sony MDR CD450 circumaural (still operational, but somewhat damaged)

- Sennheiser CX200 IEM.

I much prefer the sound of the Sony; to me, the Sennheiser seems to lack the top of the range I might call bass (or the very low end of the mid-range?), trying to compensate with a bump at even lower frequencies, which sounds fake - to me (especially if switching between the Sennheiser and the old Sony). Could be a wearing problem, but I think the tip sits well in my ear, I've tried all three sizes. It's quite comfortable. I bought it at a large retail store here, so I don't think it's a fake (I've read about the counterfeit CX300s).

I don't listen for extended periods (say, 1 hour at most).

On the computer, I currently use the motherboard's sound chip, but want to improve, so I've bought a cheap toslink DAC, the SMSL SD-192 Pro (based on WM8805 and ES9023, $38).

I don't like high volume and harsh-sounding equipment.

My colleague has recently bought a circumaural Sony, I think it was the MDR7506, I liked that, too.


What I'm looking for

I'm looking for closed, comfortable circumaural headphones to use once the kids are asleep. The max. budget (including shipping cost to Hungary) is $100; currently I have a friend who's on a trip to the US, so if I order in the next week or so, I could spare the cost of shipping to Hungary. If I find I want more, I can invest more later.


I plan to buy the phones on ebay/dx/aliexpress or some other online shop. I'm not loyal to any brand. :-)


I've read praise about the NVX Audio XPT100, but I don't want to make the 'FOTM' error, and I have no idea how it compares to what I currently have.


Thanks in advance for any recommendation.



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The NVX are a great headphone and not just a FOTM, if you can get that then id strongly suggest it. Its neutral, so what was recorded is what you hear (more or less). It sounds like the cx200 are v-shaped, which usually means the mids suffer, particularly the lower mids, as they tend to lack authority and body, sounding thinner than lifelike. So headphones with warmer mids within budget is Sennheiser HD439 very nice mids, non fatigue in the treble and very comfortable. Should be cheap enough just about anywhere
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Picked up the NVX for $75 + $2 shipping at buysonic.com on Black Friday; can't wait for it to get here (it'll take a while, a friend living in the US will bring it when coming home for Christmas).

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BTW, your opinion of the Sennheiser CX200 is probably quite accurate. I had the Creative EP630 (rebranded CX300) and I thought they were quite dark and muddy sounding.
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I'd describe them as 'thin', and perhaps 'harsh' or 'shrill' - probably not because of too much treble, but lacking mids and bass.

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