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For Sale: Hifiman HM-601 Slim 8Gb

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For Sale:
Hifiman HM-601 Slim 8Gb

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I can ship to anywhere in Canada for $10 + 4% extra for PayPal fee. Buyers from the US will likely need to pay about $20 for shipping. Buyers from other countries will likely need to pay more for shipping. I can calculate the exact shipping cost for you, but only if you are a serious buyer. Please, don't waste my time if you likely won't be buying the item.


The HM-601 is in excellent condition and was purchased direct from Head-Direct/Hifiman. It's a couple years old or so, but I haven't used it much and I am also very careful with my gear, so it still looks almost like new. If there are any scratches or blemishes, they are so small that they cannot be seen under normal lighting conditions and certainly won't be captured well in pictures. I have all of the original accessories, except the included wall charger, but I will include a different wall charger and the USB cable as well, which I am using to connect the player to a computer and to charge it without any issues.


I love the sound of the player and the only reason why I am selling it is because I would love to try out the Fiio X5. I also owned and compared directly the HM-601 and the Fiio X3 and sold the X3 in favour of HM-601, because the Hifiman player sounded clearer and cleaner to my ears with more body and dynamics to the sound as well. So for $150 it's a fantastic deal for sound quality. I find the usability of the player to be adequate. I don't mind neither the controls, nor the user interface. The software on the player is stable and doesn't crash or freeze. I never felt the need to upgrade the firmware either as everything has been working just fine.


Thanks for looking.

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I agree, I paid about $125 for one of these like two years ago, glad to see price wise it's still in the same ball park ish 


still an excellent sounding player! I started on the HM 601 2 years ago and I'm now the owner of an Hm 901 ;3 

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