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CanJam SoCal 2015, March 28-29, 2015 - Page 13  

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Just bought a pair of tickets! Looking forward to attending.

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Add me to the list of attendees. Will register later.

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Wishing everyone who celebrates a Happy Holidays! 



Also, there are still a VERY limited number of discounted ($159/night) rooms available from March 26-29, once they are sold out we will not have access to additional discounted rooms. Please reserve by clicking here.

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I am officially signed up!  Looking forward to finally hearing some headphones without buying them first!  (Seriously, I feel like I'm the only Head-fi'er in LV!)

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Looks like I should be able to bring the Japanese Aurorasound HEADA with me to Canjam. I might have to battle off @mikemercer to see who can bring the better-sounding rig. :wink_face:

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Hello all fellow Can Jam members:


I would like to humbly request for somebody to please share their room with me at the Westin. I wasn't originally going to post this request on the forum, but another head-fi member recommended I do so. I would need the room for March 27th & 28th (Fr. & Sat.), but maybe also the 29th. This is your chance to save $90 on the hotel bill. I am a super-polite and clean, responsible working professional and I can give you references for other head-fi members which I know face-to-face. Please send me a direct PM if you are able to work something out soon, so I can also arrange a spare bed from Westin.


Thank you very sincerely! from Levi in San Jose, CA

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Agh. The bad news - I won't be there. The good news - I'll be in Hawaii visiting my dad. Please post a great impressions thread, and please have a blast, all!
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask: will there be a DIY-fi exhibitor room where DIYers make their gear available for people to listen to?  If yes, how can I become an exhibitor there?

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Very tempting... 

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Originally Posted by third_eye View Post

Exhibitor list update!!




Really, Massdrop?  Really?!?  


To be clear:  what's with their picture?  Even the self-effacing Schiit didn't sink that low.  You'd think they were selling beer or something.

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I doubt the exhibitors got to choose the images. 

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Looks like company logos superimposed over stock photos. I wouldn't read too much into them.
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Haha, alright if you guys say so...

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