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bump, does anyone have a mjolnir??

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Originally Posted by Jjacq View Post

bump, does anyone have a mjolnir??
What is that?
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I live in Wellington. I'm in. Audeze LCD-3f, Hiifiman-560, Oppo Pm-2 , PSB M4U2, Akg-K553
Centrance HiFi M8 and Fiio E-12 DIY portable amps
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Hello folks, I know this thread is kinda dead right now but if anyone is free tomorrow and is near the North Miami/Biscayne Bay area, someone and myself are going to have a mini meet. If anyone wants to join us, please PM me. We're going to the FIU campus.

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Had a pleasant time meeting with someone with an HD800 today. If anyone wants to get together in the coming weeks, let me know! :)

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Guys if you plan anything in the area let me know I am interested. Or if you know of any meets in the south Florida area let me know!
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