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Bah, it eventually crackles on waveout as well. Does anyone have the .ini file for the chaintech so I can flash it back? If you could just PM me the text that would be great.
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this is most likely a PCI bus utilisation issue.

Can you tell me your motherboard maker/model/chipset?

Also, do you have RAID on mobo or PCI?
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Leadtek Nforce 2 Deluxe Ultra Limited
(Nforce 2 Ultra 400)
Raid is onboard but I'm not using any raid configuration. I doubt it has anything to do with my PCI bus. The card worked fine for a couple months. It was only after I flashed it that it went bad.
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it is a latency issue, Audiotrak drivers seem to usel lower latency, which is cousing problems, nVidia chipsets are known for their PCI troubles.. the flash isn't bad at all, it's the same chip like on the actual Audiotrak card, there must be a cure for this.. try looking in BIOS settings if you can find some item regarding PCI bus latency..
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No options for PCI bus latency. The only thing I can change is IRQ settings. Does anyone have the Chaintech settings though? Because I haven't been able to play any games since I did this. I just need the .ini or the text to put into a .ini.
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I found a latency tool at the Audiotrack website. I'm going to play around with it and see if I can get some better results.
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for games you need to select Sensaura3D as your default playback device instead of Prodigy71.. the drivers offers two playback devices, one of them for games, the other somehow more professional..
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The Sensaura3D allows me to do the EAX stuff but it sounds horrible with my headphones. Positional audio is horrible with it. I've only played Call of Duty though. I have the latency at 0 now on my sound card and the PCI bridge. It hasn't crackled with waveout, even when I play games at the same time. However Kernal Streaming will not work still. I've tried 32 bit, 24 padded to 32, both at 96khz. It still crackles. I've tried changing the latency to 128 on the soundcard to see if that would help but it did not.
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The flash doesnt work for me. How do you know what part to choose?
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