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Bit perfect output with Chaintech AV710

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Hi, I remember someone talking about achieving bit perfect output with the av710s optical out. But i cant remember the thread, and cant search it.

Anyone know how to do this?


ps. just got my chaintech. The optical out is feeding my Cambrige Audio DacMagic. Im quite happy with it, thou it seems a little bright. Still need to muck about with foobar settings to get it right.
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download this and flash your card with Audiotrak Prodigy firmware, don't forget to backup your Chaintech one.. then install Audiotrak drivers, it should work fine and you get bit perfect output, ASIO and Kernel Streaming support..
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Is there any benefit of flashing if I use the analog outputs?
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it won't work with analog outputs, it's just for people using digital output exclusively..
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There isn't a chance of getting a n00by graphical guide is there?
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as I don't have any Envy24 based card available and on top of that most of the procedure is taking place in real mode DOS I can't get any screenshots.. download the archive and read readme.. it's pretty easy in fact, you have to boot into real mode DOS, using some win98 boot disk or something like that, then run eeprwa.exe and it will flash your card with Audiotrak's firmware, then reboot and install Audiotrak drivers.. it's that simple..
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thanks! the flash worked beautifully and the prodigy driver seems to be much better.
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thanks Glassman, just did mine too.

Using Foobar with kernel streaming

all working just cant test if its bit perfect as I dont have a DTS receiver.
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happy to hear it's working fine.. Prodigy is actually based on Envy24HT, but Chaintech uses slightly different version of that chip called Envy24HT-S, but I'm sure their internals and registers are pretty similar and S/PDIF encoder in particular is the same on both..

if you wanna try ASIO, you should 'shift output channels' in the configuration tab of foobar's ASIO plugin by 8 I believe, this way you skip the eight analog outputs Prodigy has and get to the output 9/10, which is routed to S/PDIF transmitter..

thanks for trying out
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oh yeh. so it is.

Didnt notice that when reading through the huge thread on the Envy24HT-S on avs forums.
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Have any of you had crackling after doing this? I can't use ASIO or Kernel Streaming without getting crackling. If not, what settings are you using in Foobar. For Kernel Streaming I've tried 24bit padded to 32 and 32bit fixed. What about resampling rate? What do you set yours at?

edit: I'm getting crackling in games as well. Could this just be a bad flash, or is there a setting that I need to change.
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nope, mines working fine.

Im using Foobar2000 Kernel Streaming, 16bit output.
Ive turned Resampling off, as my DAC will only accept up to 48kHz and I dont see the point in resampling from 44.1 to 48.

So ive got 16bit, 44.1kHz optical output into my DAC ( i think)
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Well I think I figured out what I did wrong. I'll have to test a little to make sure, but I think it was because I turned off those 1/2, 3/4, etc. output settings. With them back on my game ran fine, so far so good with foobar as well at 32bit, 96khz. We'll see
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Bah, no go. Maybe I'll just try waveout for now.
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setting higher latency might help, especially with ASIO output.. it should do 24bit padded to 32bit @ 96kHz pretty well..
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