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DAC: mini-i pro vs shiit bifrost

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Hi guys,


I'm new here and try to figure out which DAC to get next. Let me tell a bit about my situation first.


My main source for music is my Laptop. I use the inbuilt coax out to drive some active studio monitors (Elac Am150s) that have an integrated DAC. As headphones I use the ATH-ES7 and (usually for portable use) some Hippo VB's.

My musical taste is all over the place, so it's hard to narrow it down, but if I would have to, i guess it would be rock (60's stuff & psychedelic)... I like the analog sound, but still value transparency and good seperation. Uh, I hope i make sense here ;-)


I am thinking about upgrading to a better DAC, because I think the inbuilt one is a bit limited. It would be also nice to try it as a headphone amp. I've been reading quite a bit and narrowed my search down to 2 main contenders:


Matrix mini-i pro vs. Shiit Bifrost

(and maybe the Beresford Caiman mk II)


What I like a lot about the mini-i is that is balanced, and the USB option seems decent as well... Sadly I have no possibility to test any of them, so I would be interested to hear how they compare/ your opinions on them.




P.s: my budget is around 500$, aim is best bang for buck ;-)

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Well, I have tried the Matrix mini-i pro as well as the bifrost,

Using an AKG K-702 65th anniversary edition.

Comparatively speaking,

I didn't like the music coming out from the mini-i pro.

It seemed a bit grainy and crowded to my ear.

The bass was also slightly in the dark side.

The mids sounded quite clear and refined I should add,

but what I heard may also be due to the amp,

since the mini-i pro comes with a built in amp.

Furthermore, the aesthetics of the mini-pro is quite cool indeed,

but I guess the sound should trump the looks if you are looking for good sounds.

I heard the Matrix M-stage is much better though,

haven't had a chance to try that yet.


On the other hand,

I tried the bifrost paired with the asgard 2 as a comparison straight after the mini-i pro,

and the music sounded much better.

With a noticeably less crowded sound,

I could make out each instruments better,

and the highs sounded much more pleasing.

The soundstage was bigger,

the trebles clearer.

Overall a better amp/dac combination.


Just my opinion.

Hopefully that is useful.

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thanks for your opinion rogue, it is very helpfull indeed.

From what you are telling I have to lean towards the shiit very much. I guess having balanced out's doesn't help if the sound isn't good.


Now I am obsessing about gungnir... oh boy... if i wait for another half a year I might be able to afford it *grins*

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