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Looking to upgrade ckm500

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I am using my AT CKM500 in ear phone for almost 2 years. I really love it and it's weird looking circle design is really comfy for me. The only problem is, left channel's plastic part got split into 2 and I sent it to warranty but guys just glued it together and now sound volume on left channel is much lower than right channel.


I really love this ear phone, maybe a bit more bass would be great. So can you please recommend me a nice, same or even better quality in ear phone? I mainly listen electronic, drum & bass, dubstep kind of music. I also like to enjoy vocals on the electronic music.


My budget is up 150 (max 200) dollars.


PS: I mainly use the headphone with my mobile phone (Galaxy S4), with spotify musics. Don't know if it will make any change but just wanted to share.

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any recommendations?
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