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Hi there, been lurking here for  a while but am now in a bit of a dilemma with headphones.


I like to have as good sound quality as possible on the road and during commutes and used to use pmx 200's which fulfilled the criteria perfectly until I lost them at a gig. I'm bought some PMX-95's which I like the sound of, unfortunately they're open backed so I've been getting some very stern looks on the train into work even at moderate volumes and had to revert to using the earbuds which came with my phone.


I'm just wondering if there's anything else which will offer similar sound quality at around the same price. I've looked for similar styles but I've found it hard to find something appropriate so would be open to suggestions of IEMs too. Unfortunately, I can't take my ath-m50s with me because they are quite large and difficult to stow when at work and they're also slightly unbearable on a hot day.


Budget would be within £30-£50.