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Shure Se215 unsafe volume

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I got my Shure SE215s today and I am wondering what volume level it is safe to listen at. I am using an iPhone 5 as a source and I read in another thread that the max Db output of the SE215s and an iPhone 5 would be at most 120DB and more likely round 100DB for most music. However, I have a volume limit set at just under 1/4 of the max volume and it sounds very loud to me so I generally listen at half this again. Therefore, I am only listening at around 10-20% to be safe but it seems like I would be ok to listen at 50% as this would only be 60DB max?  I am worried about hearing loss as mine is not the best to start with, is there any way to ensure the volume is safe?


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Anything above 85dB can cause permanent hearing damage. You're going to have to work the math out yourself. 

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