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I am considering getting portable amp/dac combo for my Westone 4r's. I'm currently using them with my HTC M8, and they sound great. I'm just wondering if they'll sound better. I've read a lot of people are pretty happy with the dac in the M8, but I'm sure there's better. Being IEM's, is an amp really going to be necessary, or should I focus more on a dac? I listen to mostly flac files, and want something portable enough to keep in the same pocket as my M8. Not really sure on the budget, but wouldn't mind keeping it below $200. I listen to mostly rock, and will probably only be using the amp with the Westones, as HD650's aren't too portable. I like warm sounding gear, but wouldn't mind something a little more analytical and detailed. Any advice, or personal experience with pairings is welcome on this one.