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Theme for X5

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Hey guys, just finished my first theme. I went for a carbon and brushed aluminium theme.






Thanks CH23 for the rotated theme

Launcher icons
Launcher background
Status bar
Welcome Screen


I still wanna do something with the scroll wheel, but not sure what. Any suggestions?


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Updated with new functional scroll wheel


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just remember to take out the (2) from the filename

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New theme. Inspired by the simplicity of the X1's themes, and the great look of the black brushed aluminium used by Fiio on the products.

Not 100% done yet, but in the end it will be a completely black and white theme


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Nice. Is there a link to creating themes for the X5?

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Originally Posted by RemixIt View Post

Nice. Is there a link to creating themes for the X5?


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Here's my LIM (Less Is More) theme



Made a few more changes.

More simplistic default album art image
Changed some headings and various other text

Shortcuts bar updated

I reckon it's ready as a final release. But please let me know if there is anything that you guys find that I've missed..and I mean, ANYTHING :-D

Boot up and shutdown sequence
Default album art
Various headings and text
All backgrounds
Launcher layout
Overall UI look



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