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Audigy 2 ZS + AV-710 = Broke Audiophile/Gamer bliss

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Just got my AV-710 in the mail and I friggin LOVE this puppy

I've got the A2 line-outs running into the line outs of my z-680s for 5.1 gaming, then the optical out to the z-680s for speaker listening and (for now) my HD497s into the aux out for head-fi goodness. I like this setup, since I don't get windows noises or any of that crap through my phones when I am listening.

All I can say is I am gonna cream my pants when I finally finish my PPA and get some SR225s

One thing I noticed, though, is that when I plugged the optical out into my z680s the bass went through the roof! I mean like 12 dB of boost! I've managed to tame the z680s with my A2 by bringing the sub level to ALMOST zero but even at that setting the bass is really thumpy with the new optical out. Though I will say it is much tighter over my old A2 analog out, so I almost don't mind it. I don't get this effect with the analog out on the AV-710, but I have no idea how my speakers could be making that kind of boost.

Oh well, either way I am a very satisfied head-fi'er
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Glad your happy.

But logitech and audiophile don't belong together in the same sentence :P

And if your so please with only the 497s, wow, wait til you get those grados

Only way for you, is up
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yeah the z680s are unfortunate, though I will say they are awesome for movies. When I first got them I thought the sub was "just right" and now I find it horribly overpowered, uneven, and boomy.

All the inputs, wireless remote, and standard speaker wire inputs is nice though. The proprietary connectors is one of the main reasons I stayed away from Cambridge soundworks offerings like the megaworks 550
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Yah I agree, the logitechs are pretty good for conectivity, I recommended them to a friend of mine, uses them for dvds/xbox/playstation/pc etc he loves em, very versatile fun speakers
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