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bought a dvd from doug and he shipped it out right away. piece of cake trans. thanks!
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Also bought DVD's from Doug. Pronto shipping and everything was good. Thanks Doug!

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I bought 3 SACDs from Doug. He shipped right away, well packed, product in condition as described, it was a flawless transaction.

Thanx again Doug-
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An excellent seller. Many thanks!!

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Eh, so I'm a little late to the game-- but Doug sold me a like-new pair of PX100s in early June and I couldn't have been happier with the exchange. His messages were prompt and friendly, and those 'phones were mail-bound the instant I paid up. I'd feel utterly at ease buying from him again.

[grammar edit.]
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I bought two SACDs from Doug; they were packaged well and I received them promptly.
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Doug purchased my 4P to 4S cable. Despite Post Office's lack of stellar delivery service...Doug was patient about the whole situation. I highly recommend Doug on any type of transaction. Thanks Doug!
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dpippel is world class in my book!

Bought a shuffle from him, which somehow had became corrupt in transit. Dang.

Doug took the trouble to have me mail it back to him, got Apple to send another one, and then sent the new one to me.

The proof in the pudding was that he, *again*, autofilled it with selections from his library before sending it out.

Now I am golden. Everything is good. And Doug is Platinum.

Thumbs up, Sir!
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Bought a Cable Turtle from Doug. He shipped quickly and was very friendly throughout. A good guy that I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again!
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Great guy

I sold Doug a pair of 'phones. He was quick to pay, quick with communications, and easy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again in the future.

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Bought a pair of current generation ibuds from Doug (yes, I do think there is a place for these but not the older ones). He exhibited everything you would want in a seller. He responded promptly to questions I had, shipped quickly and was fair with the price. He is recommended as a seller in my book.

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Doug puchased my Total Bithead 2006. Great guy to deal with, and paid extremely quickly once the terms of the deal were settled. Would most definitely do business with him again.
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Highly recommended

Bought a set of headphones from him...for me an expensive purchase, and he delivered in all sense of the word. BTW, the care he took in packing this item was quite amazing!
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Great sale

I sold a pair of HD650s - very prompt payment and great communication - he also took the time to leave nice feedback for me - I'm happy to return the favor!

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Just got a Ety P-to-S cable from Doug. Replies very fast (when online ) and is very easy-going and courteous.

FYI: I live in California and he lives in Pennsylvania; he sent it out mid-Sunday and it came on early Friday. Should give you a good estimate of delivery.
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