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Sold some flat pads to dpippel. Excellent communication and quick payment!
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Great guy to do business with. Bought a Creative 5 gig player from him and transaction was flawless. All questions were answered promptly and buyer delivered all quickly and as promised.

Would gladly transact again with Dpipple.

ps- Sorry I took so long to post this. I am a newb around here.
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Sold dpippel an Ety P/S converter. Paid promptly and communication was top-notch throughout. Thanks!
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I bought Doug's RS-1s. Absolutely a smooth transaction. Great communication, "fast" shipment. Would do another transaction with Doug with absolutely no hesitation.
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bought k701's. lovely to deal with.
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Sold a pair of headphones to dpippel...Great communication and very fast payment. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again. Recommended, for sure!
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I bought DT531's from dpippel. Pleasure to deal with. Was extremely patient while I straightened out a bump in my Paypal account. Many thanks for a fine pair of headphones. Are you sure they aren't brand new?
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Bought a Grado case - came just as advertised and packed very nicely. Also was sold for a very fair price. Would gladly do business again.



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I bought his ER4P->S cable, and it arrived quickly and in good shape.
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Sold a DAC to Dave. Was an excellent buyer; knew what questions to ask and paid very promptly. Would definitely deal with him again.
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^ Er, it's Doug, not Dave. Thanks for the feedback though Ron, I mean Rob.
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Great buyer

Sold dpippel a Millet amp and he is a great buyer, prompt payment and quick communication.
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I sold Doug a HeadFive amp. He sent payment immediately, offered good communication, and was a very nice guy to deal with. I highly recommended Doug to anyone here!
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I purchased a millet hybrid from Doug, he is a great person to deal with. He shipped as promised and the amp arrived in great condition. Thanks Doug.
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Excellent Transaction

Bought Doug's AE-1. Excellent communication and speedy delivery. Amp was in mint condition.

Thanks Doug
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