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Why so much gain?

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Alternate title: Why is my amp so darn loud!?!?


So I'll up and say it.  I cannot relate with anyone on here who can't "drive" their headphones to adequate volume levels.  Seriously, whats up with that? :tongue:


Here is how I end up using my current setup.


Modi = 1.5V max output

Vali = 550mW into 50ohms (which I think calculates to 5.2Vrms), Gain of 4 (12db)

HD598 = 50ohm, sensitivity of 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)


While listening to a well mastered, not volume boosted album, I'm listening at 9 o'clock with no volume being at 7.  I usually end up with less than 1/8 of a turn of usable volume.  I guess the rest is just for show?


Long story short, why are amps running so much gain?  It seems like they could easily go with less or even run at unity gain.  I can understand wanting headroom, but this is kinda ridiculous.


Someone please enlighten me.

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Your headphones are very sensitive and that results in volume raising very quickly. Many headphones are below 100 dB or even below 90 dB/mW and for them the pot range would be good.


Vali does not appear to have adjustable gain, but you can increase the usable pot range by lowering the volume on your source. 

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