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Demonstration of anti-skip quality

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1-22050 Hz frequency sweep on Pansonic SL-SW860 into SBLive! at 48 kHz...

Without anti-shock on:

And with:
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Thanks, Roterang. But could you explain what the heck I'm looking at?
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I don't know what I'm looking at either, but I sure do like the colors.
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I think I got it! (maybe)
The yellow bar at the top represents deviations from the sweep generator....the less spikes the better? The line with the anti-skip on has more spikes......that's bad. OK, anybody......
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hey, shouldn't this be in portable Audio?
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Heh, sorry Neruda. The top bar doesn't mean much, it's the waveform of the signal, but is packed so tightly you can't see anything useful. The bottom part is a spectograph. Bottom represents DC, top 24000 Hz. Left is the start of the recording, right is the end. It's basicly just a graphical representation of the frequency and loudness of a signal over time.
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hey, no problem

so, what should we be getting out of these graphs? why is there that blue background on one and not on the other? What does that mean?
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Here's a more conventional display that is more recognizable:

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The blue noise in the background in the second one is the noise being caused by the anti-skip on the CDP. It's basicly white noise and not very loud, so it looks like a blue tint without any definate bands of color or detail. The changes in intensity as the main signal goes up must be a side effect of the compression the player uses.
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Wow that looks cool
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woah, colors!

that spike at 10k looks like it hurts! is it caused by the antiskip? 60dB ?

and if left is start and right is end, how do you explain the "laserbeam" bouncing off the right side on the first and second pic? Those double blue lines seem curios too.
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I think the 10khz spike means that he was playing a 10khz test tone while executing that test, Braver...
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ah...well just shoot me then :/
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Would you mind posting another monoburst-graph in a lower frequency (~1 kHz, maybe?)? The weak blue lines in the first graph look like aliasing components - I'd like to have a closer look at these...

Gretings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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did you use the headphone out or the line out? the blue lines might be distortion from the amp.
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