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For Sale or Trade:
Portaphile 627, Apex Glacier + Geek Out 450

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am putting up for listing my Portaphile 627 Amp. I am the 2nd user of this amp. I absolutely adore this amp, which is why I am currently committed to either the 627x or the 627 Micro. It is in fantastic condition, and comes just with the wall charger. I am open to offers for this, and what I can say is that purchasing this with my Objective2 stack and/or UE10Pros will give you an excellent chance of getting this at a great price.


I am preferably not seeking trades for the 627.




Lastly, it is with some sadness that I'm letting go of my Apex Glacier. These were obtained in a trade a couple of weeks back, and I have had absolute craploads of fun with this portable amp. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of reasons which dictate why I have to let these go. The Glacier is in very good condition. It has a few light scratches on its body, which is rather inevitable when you consider that the surface is pure shiny aluminium. The scratches are minute and will not be seen unless looked closely upon under a light source. It is functionally 100%, and comes with the USB charging cable as well as the original box.


I am selling the Glacier together with a Geek Out 450 (Red). The Geek Out is slightly strange, as it only operates in TCM mode (and not FRM mode). I will not sell the Glacier without the Geek Out 450, since without the Glacier, I find myself seldom using it. This pairing has been exceptionally fun to use, and if you search through the last few pages of the GO1000 thread, you'll see some of my opinions on this pairing. The Geek Out 450 comes only with the neoprene case. (The internal wiring of the slacker became disconnected.). The GO450 info tab has also come off, but will come included.


I am asking for $460 $445 in total for both the Glacier and the GO450.





I'll definitely grant a nice discount for multiple purchases.


Free worldwide registered shipping is included in all pricing. PayPal fees are on the buyer, unless gifted. In terms of what I'm looking to trade for... I don't really have any specific wants at the moment (cash-strapped), but here are just some stuff I have had moderate interest in:


Fidue A83

JVC FX-850

Earsonics SM64

Vorzuge Pure II

Hidizs AP100


Thanks for looking!

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