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Which Pair Should I Get?

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I've been going about this for a while now, but I'm sill not quite sure what to get! I've narrowed it down to these choices. The Donscorpio Dolphin, Nad Viso HP50, AKG K545, Sennheiser Urbanite (on ear), Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, and Harman Kardon Soho. I'm looking for a headphone with these priorities from most important to least.


1. Sound quality (IE: good sound stage, v-shaped sig, etc.)


2. Comfort


3. Build quality


I don't care about looks at all.

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You could also read about SoundMagic HP150


Best Luck!

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I have thought about the SoundMagic, however I've heard that the sound stage isn't as good as that of the AKG. I will however keep it in mind.

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