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For Sale: Oppo DV-980H

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For Sale:
Oppo DV-980H

Will Ship To: Continental US

Oppo DV-980H - $old


I bought this used off of ebay a few months ago and have enjoyed it for listening to my CDs and SACDs. I would like to move up to something preferably with balanced outputs to use with my new Schiit Ragnarok. The player is in very good overall shape with the exception of some scratches on the top of the unit (shown in one of the images). Obviously, this does not affect the sound quality but might be visually displeasing. I would rate this a 7/10 on the audiogon scale only because of the minor scratches (would probably be a 9/10 otherwise).


Fiio X3 with 64 gb micro SD card - $old


I bought this Fiio this past spring and used it mainly as an external DAC for my computer as I really didn't do too much traveling that required a DAP. Since the spring I have moved positions at work and am allowed to have electronic devices at my desk. I have also purchased the Fiio X5. So I am now looking to sell the X3 and the 64 gb micro SD card with it. The card currently has ~60 gb of lossless music files that I will leave on as an added bonus. It has the most recent firmware upgrade that allows it to play DSD files. It comes with the unit itself, silicon protective cover, multiple screen covers, coax interconnect cable, usb charging/data cable, manual, hdtracks card, manual, and original box. The micro SD card comes with the original packaging as well and a micro SD to SD card adapter. The X3 is in like-new condition and would rate a 9/10 on the audiogon scale. 

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