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For Sale: Consolidation Sale 4.0

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For Sale:
Consolidation Sale 4.0

Will Ship To: CONUS

In an effort to consolidate, the majority of the lineup is on the sale block.




1. Grado GS1000i - $OLD This pair has been very loved on, with some good nicks and scuffs on the cups. Cable, headband, and drivers are just fine though. Will ship with Grado cable extension and 1/4" adapter.


2. Sennheiser HD580 - $200 Like new with 650 grills, HM5 pads, and new headband. Will ship with original grills also.


3. Woodied Alessandro MS1i - $OLD In 7keys black walnut cups with PlusSound black leather headband. Will ship with either S cush pads.


4. Denon D2000 - $240 Headphones are in great shape. A few light scratches on the headband and a little cable roughing near the jack. Can throw in a gorgeous pair of yet-to-be-installed beechwood cups for an additional $100.




1. Rhapsodio Single Dynamic - $240 They'll ship with a fresh set of tips, carry case, and custom OCC cable. (These aren't available in the US yet!). Top notch "fun" sound signature. 


2. BGVP DGS100 - $75 May as well be new. Only 4 days old. All original everything. Being raved about here:


3. Recabled Sony MH1 - $75 They're only a few weeks old. Will ship in a small carry case and two complete sets of fresh tips. If you're unfamiliar, the MH1 is one of the most under-appreciated dynamics around. Check out shotgunshane's thoughts here:


***BONUS!*** The first person to buy an IEM, will get a free (hard-to-find) white Sansa Clip+!!!***


Source/Amp Stuff


1. Fiio X1 - $OLD May as well be new. All original everything. Very impressive budget audiophile DAP.


2. iBasso D-Zero Amp/DAC - $85 May as well be new. All original everything. Great portable amp/DAC on the cheap!




1. iBasso Copper LOD - $20 Perfect companion for the D-Zero. Comes with leather carry case.


2. Custom LOD to USB - $45 Gorgeous custom cable (6N copper) that's sturdily built and rather low-profile.


3. Custom OCC Cable for Senn HD5*0/6*0 Headphones - TRADED 7ft. cable with Techflex bottom half and Amphenol 1/4" plug. Very noticeable improvement over stock cable.




***Pictures upon request***


Other stuff you need to know:

  • No trades
  • All prices include shipping
  • PP only - fees on buyer
  • Big bundle pricing discounts

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