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My AV-710 has just arrived. I've followed other's advice and set it up with the 1.43d drivers and the FB2k settings in my sig. (For the curious I'm on Windows XP Home and KS worked perfectly the first time I tried.) I've only listened to a few songs so far but I can already tell it's much better than my onboard audio. The first song I played was a 256kbps MP3 of Ultravox's Reap the Wild Wind. I didn't notice very much of a difference at first however I realized that the instruments were more distinct after a few minutes of listening. Then I put on a FLAC of Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac and WOW, I never realized the highs were a HUGE improvment over my onboard audio. I listened to a little more Fleetwood Mac then I put on Mike & in I was impressed. The very quiet part at the start of the first song was verThe Mechanic's Silent Running CD (FLAC) and the quiet part at the beginning of the first song was very clear with no distrotion like I had experienced with my onboard audio and again the highs were very clear as well.

P.S.: Does the sound quality improve with burn-in?