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For Sale: Project Sunrise (rev1).

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For Sale:
Project Sunrise (rev1).

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all, I'm selling my Project Sunrise (because i bought the Projecct Polaris), wich is going back from garage band as i've had an issue with it pairing with my He-500. Jeremy fixed the issue and now everything's fine. Coming with the smooth ultra musical Russian 6h23-NB tube and the more neutral Amperex 12at7 (from britain).


This is the description of the problem by Jeremy: "I found your issue. The amplifier was pre-setup at 68R output resistance (jumpers under the top cover). This limits total power into the HE500 to about 180mW (not near enough). The 10R setting pretty much triples the available power at closer to 700mW on this version Sunrise. So in short, when plugging HE500's into it, the power was insufficient and the amplifier was clipping / giving distortion as it did not have the power to drive them! My testing is all set now - I will shoot the amplifier back out to you :) She is good to go! I bet at this setting, you will be amazed how much more power she has."



As you can see it wasn't really a defective amp, just...something specific pairing with low impedance Headphones.



Shipping cost is on you, Paypal Fee on me.



Pictures are coming as soon as i get it back from Garage 1217, in few days.

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