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Woes of E-Mu

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Got my new 1212m today and got excited about installing it. Install it and it appears as an audigy two. There is no option to 'cancel' the hardware detection as stated in the manual. I even started up in safe mode.

Don't know what to do now, E-Mu support is closed this entire weekend so they'll be of no help.

Any idea's? .
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Solution, quoted from another post:

Originally Posted by cadobhuk
I have them both working at the same time right now(Au2,not ZS,but I dont think that matters).I had some issues installing EMU,whenever I installed the card in the PCI slot and turn the computer on,Windows XP automatically "found new hardware" and installed EMU as second Audigy2,and there was nothing I could do about it.I had to uninstall au2,then go to "Find" and look for all the driver files for au2,like .inf and .cat and all,and delete them from windows\system32 and from driver restore folders.Then install EMU,and only then install au2 back.
Go here for more detail.
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I'll make a seperate post of a general solution which is very simple that can maybe be stickied if worth it.
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are you using the latest driver from their website?
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Still running into problems at my end with things. I can get the E-MU running solo without any problems right now. But when I install the Audigy the system won't start unless in safe mode. Gets to the stage as if it's about to get into windows then reboots itself. ARghhh! I'll burst into tears in a minute if I can't get this going .
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Why do you need the audigy? toss it in the trash.

Emu works well enough with games, did you even try it? OR you want audigy for multichannel speakers or something?
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Well, to be honest I have a few microphones that I'd like to use with voice communication software. Now, the mixer with the E-MU 1212m is completely overwhelming to me, and plus they're only the teeny 1/8" jacks anyway and don't fit into the E-MU 1212m's inputs. I haven't a clue which input I'd put my microphone in actually.
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Still having problems at the moment.

Tried so much, getting nowhere.

I currently did have all three cards in there next to each other. Each time I tried something different I completely killed the creative things in safe mode with driver cleaner, I've also cleaned out temporary files & redundant registry things with JV16 power tools.

I've tried installing the E-MU first, installing all the needed drivers & also updated them to the latest. Then, turning off the computer and putting in the Audgy 2, turning on the computer and installing audigy drivers. I could not get windows to boot up with both in at the same time unless I went and disabled the E-MU in safe mode at the same time. Updated the Audigy to latest drivers, when starting windows it still won't start up at all. It attempts to then automatically hard-reboots before it gets to the login screen.

I've tried this both ways around. Audigy first, then E-MU, and vice versa.

Now, I've moved the Audigy2 to the bottom PCI slot, and left the E-Mu one slot down from the very top. I installed the Audigy 2 first, and updates it's drivers, then I put in the E-MU and installed it's drivers+updates. The computer now turns on, but during E-MU installation I was constantly told there was already a file c:\windows\system32\drivers\ctaud2k.sys and if I want to overwrite it. I said yes, it asked me again multiple times, same when I said no. It eventually stopped asking. I rebootd, it worked okay, apart from the sound from the E-MU is all messed up and noisy/disorted/glitchy.

Going to try the E-MU first THEN the Audigy 2 tonight with this new PCI arrangement, this is driving me up the wall, any idea's?
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I didnt have that kind of problems,it's working fine now.I have EMU daughter board in the bottom slot,EMU in the second from the bottom one,and Au2 in the upper slot.The further the card is from the bottom,the more noise its gonna pick up from other hardware,so I dont think sticking EMU so high is a good idea.The mic is supposed to be connected to the analog input on the daughter card,the input uses 2 1/4 balanced jacks,if your microphone is a cheap,mono kind like this then just get 1/8->1/4 adapter and plug it in one of the inputs I guess.
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stupid me, i just erased the default 'NewSession1' which i was using for games/dvd and ETC... creating a new 44.1khz session did no good, getting no sound at all what am i doing wrong here? the UV meter isnt even moving...
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create a new session of 44.1 or 48,right-click on a "WAVE L/R" strip,press "insert send (output ...)",select "I/O card out 1/2".if that doesnt help delete all the session files then reinstall Patch Mix DSP
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If you want the profile I can send it to you via e-mail.

Also, I've called E-MU tech support and they know of the problem with the E-MU and the Audigy 2 running together. They agreed to me, that they know the problem is the drivers cross-reference each other, and that the developers have been made aware of this.

Also, I was told that they will be releasing a new set of drivers, to resolve this problem & enable full Audigy 2 functionality with the E-MU 1212m.
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thx i figured it out, i had the volume turned all the way down in the mixer (not the PatchMix DSP but the standard one that comes with windows) strange tho, i thought i had it like that even when my 44.1 stuff was working... oh well still gotta figure out how to get my tv card working; i am inclined to think its more of configuring the dscaler rather than the EMU card however.

excuse me for jacking up your thread, hope the new driver would alleviate your problem
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Originally Posted by shuurajou
Also, I was told that they will be releasing a new set of drivers, to resolve this problem & enable full Audigy 2 functionality with the E-MU 1212m.

That's good news - thanks for sharing the info with us!
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